SLP Global Seminar February 2014 – Maria de La Mora

“Women Leading In International Trade”

Location : Mexico

February 25, 2014 @ 10am CT


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Luz María de la Mora, PhD.
Twitter: @luzmadelamora

Luz María de la Mora is the founder of the firm LMMConsulting, a Mexico-based company devoted to helping companies increase trade and devise business development strategies. Her firm undertakes market analysis and market studies for companies interested in doing business in Mexico and abroad, and designs government relations strategies. It offers training for firms interested in exploring international trade opportunities. LMMConsulting has worked for international organizations and government agencies as well as a variety of local and foreign companies. As part of her responsibilities currently, she is the Program Director of WEConnectInternational in Mexico, a corporate-led non-profit, that helps build sustainable communities by empowering women business owners to succeed in local and global markets.

She is an expert in foreign trade relations and international public policy, has held multiple posts within the Mexican government representing their interests in foreign trade negotiations.  She has served as Undersecretary for Economic Relations and International Cooperation at Mexico’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and as Assistant Undersecretary for International Trade Negotiations in Mexico’s Ministry of Economy.  She headed Mexico’s trade offices in Brussels and Montevideo, and worked at the NAFTA office in Washington, DC.  In these positions she was responsible for designing and implementing Mexico’s cooperation policies and programs, providing and receiving international humanitarian assistance, coordinating Mexican positions in international economic organizations, developing strategies for Mexico’s trade negotiations in Latin America and the Caribbean, negotiating and implementing Mexico-EU trade programs, and conducting private sector consultations in trade negotiation processes.

Luz María has a BA in International Relations from El Colegio de Mexico, an MA in International Political Economy from Carleton University in Ottawa, and a Ph.D in Political Science from Yale University.  She has been a Fulbright Scholar, a Government of Canada Award holder, and a research fellow at both the Center for US-Mexican Studies (San Diego, CA) and the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington DC. She is currently affiliate professor in the International Studies Division at CIDE (Center for Economic Research and Teaching) in Mexico City where she lectures on trade and development. She is the author of the book APERTURA CON RECIPROCIDAD (CIDE 2012) which analyzes Mexico’s trade negotiations policies. She is also a founding member of the first Women Entrepreneur’s Network within the Initiative Pathways to Prosperity that includes 14 countries in the Western Hemisphere and member of Mexico’s Council of Foreign Affairs (COMEXI).

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