public speaking

9 Public Speaking Secrets

Most people are terrified of public speaking, but if you are ready to take your career and business to the next level, this powerful tool can help you reach your goals exponentially faster by having access to a multitude of people.

  1. Know your audience

Take time to analyze your audience, to recognize common ground in each other to make your message relevant and relatable to them. This is one of the most important secrets to public speaking.

  1. Avoid notes

Memorize the speech in a way that flows naturally and from your heart. By standing in front of the audience, you are already considered the expert and if you make a mistake, they will not know it unless you make it known. Graciously go back to your speech and engage the audience.

  1. Make eye contact

Making eye contact with your audience will make you approachable and will allow you to connect with them.  Analyze their engagement; you can take cues from their physical posture and gestures to your presentation. If you notice boredom, it’s time to spice it up.

  1. Infuse your speech with stories

Stories are powerful tools to make your presentation memorable as people remember them more than pragmatic content or processes as they are infused with visuals that are hard to forget. You can use your own personal or third party stories to make your point to ensure that the audience gets it.

  1. Strong opening

A quote, startling statement or a joke are great ways to start a presentation. You have to be careful with the latter as a joke might offend people from different races, ethnic backgrounds or those with other special interests.

  1. Fluctuate your voice

When you want to emphasize a point, use your voice volume and pitch to make it known. When you are talking about something serious or sad, lower your voice. Use your voice as a catalyst to infuse emotion throughout the presentation and take your audience on a magical journey.

  1. Use hand gestures

Hand gestures are a great way to emphasize key points, make a special connection with the audience and make your presentation come to life. Overuse of hand gestures can be detrimental and distracting if they are not used strategically. Use carefully.

  1. Memorable ending

Leave the audience feeling “wow, what just happened?!” every time by having a strong ending that either connects to the beginning of your presentation or closes the presentation beautifully by emphasizing the overall theme. They should feel energized, empowered and motivated to learn more.

  1. Clear call to action

Know exactly what the outcome of your presentation is and make sure it is sewn throughout your speech. Is the goal to inspire them, motivate them to take a step, buy your materials, engage your services, connect with you on social media, read your books? Every single presentation has a purpose and you have to clearly define it before it begins.