Who Is Your Teacher Today_(1)

I remember being 8 years old and running to the paper posted in the hall at Lincoln School, excited to find my name listed under “Mrs. Solie.” She had a reputation for being the nicest teacher in the school and I discovered the rumors were true; all of my memories of third grade are positive. She is the one who noticed that I needed glasses, which was a turning point in my ability to learn well and enjoy school.  The afternoon I sat on the steps sobbing because I had missed the bus, Mrs. Solie took me home with her to eat cookies together until my mom could drive in from the farm to pick me up. She made a huge mark on my life which extended far past reading and math.

Who are your teachers today? Who is making a mark on your life? If you have 3 minutes right now for a free life coaching lesson, grab a piece of paper and a pen.

1- Write the names of three people you had a memorable interaction with today.  It can be positive or negative, something that sticks in your memory.

2- Write what you learned from each of those interactions.  Stretch your thinking to ask yourself deep questions like, “What did I learn about my own communication style?” or “Did I learn something about what energizes me?” or “What did I learn about my influence with this person?”

3- Walk away smarter. Use these lessons to identify changes you’d like to make. Apply this information to become more self-aware and motivated to live in alignment with your values. That’s the key to positive energy and satisfaction, both at work and in your personal life.

I believe that every person we meet is a teacher, if we are willing to learn the lessons. You are one of the most significant people you meet each day; do you listen to yourself?  You are the best teacher in the building when you take the time to learn! If you need help getting your own attention, I’d be honored to coach with you. Send me a quick email.