Inspirations motivate and encourage your passions. They’re much more than just ideas and they evoke feelings you may not know you had. An inspiration is life’s way of giving you an outlet to cultivate your passion. The only way to thank life is following through with that inspiration.

It took me some time, but I’ve detailed the anatomy of an inspiration, the journey that takes it from inspiration to realization. While this exact journey isn’t always guaranteed and though an inspiration can often create a course of its own, I use the following phases to guide my inspiration to its very culmination.

An Inspiration is Born

I sometimes call my inspirations “divine downloads.” I’ve likened them to amazing messages from the world around me. An inspiration can be something small – like finally finding the perfect color to paint your kitchen – or something big – like becoming an entrepreneur and starting your own business.

The point is, an inspiration is something that comes naturally from within you. It’s a point where you and your inspiration click so fervidly you feel it in your bones.

Action Takes Place

I wholeheartedly believe that if you want something, you need to make it happen for yourself. Without action, an inspiration will stay an inspiration. And oftentimes, an inspiration that stays idle for too long will slither away into the recesses of your mind.

Take the time to really think about your inspiration and what actions you need to take to see it come alive. Be strategic and smart in your decision-making.

Natural Expansion of Possibilities and Magic Happens

The moment I put the gears in motion is the moment possibilities for my inspiration become endless. The steps you take to see your vision through should be natural; there should be an intrinsic correlation between your actions and their results. There is something truly magical in witnessing your singular vision kindling potential for more inspirations to come.

Result Becomes Tangible and Bigger Than Anyone Imagined

A natural expansion of possibilities engenders a natural expansion of results, and an expansion of results signifies the magnitude of an inspiration. It’s at this point where you should take a step back and marvel at what you’ve created. It is still remarkable to me that adding action to inspiration can awake outcomes you never even dreamed of.

People Get Behind the New Mission

I’ve heard that happiness is contagious; I also consider that to be true for passions and inspirations. Your visions are just as distinct and innate as your emotions. If you feel something deeply enough, that can really resonate with the people around you.

The support of my family and friends serve as encouragement. It shows me that I’m doing the right thing and taking the right path.

Tangible Experiences Start to Motivate People

Having support from people you know is often separate from them having the utmost confidence in what you’re doing. You’ve seen your vision come to life and motivating people with your vision is much more than simply telling them about it.

It’s important to show, not tell. Your inspiration has helped you experience magic in your life and it’s essential to help those around you experience that kind of magic too. A positive experience or result is a large motivating factor, and it serves to only fuel your inspiration more.

New Opportunities Arise

Like possibilities and results, the more substantial your inspiration becomes, the more opportunities there are to cement it. Possibilities show your inspiration’s potential, results display its development and opportunities express its fortune.

Growth and Expansion Happen

Cementing an inspiration requires you to set a solid foundation for your inspiration to grow. The natural progression of an inspiration should incite an evolution. It is this phase where an inspiration matures and constructs several different paths to choose from.

Many Lives are Impacted

In my life and at JJR, I make it a point to never pursue something unless it impacts other lives in a positive and nurturing way. An inspiration shouldn’t be just your flagship. It should work to connect with others on a deeper level and spark not only your passions, but theirs too.

I never go looking for these inspirations, but I think that’s the beauty in it. An inspiration is like an unexpected gift left at your doorstep – it comes without asking but will give as long as you let it. It just depends whether or not you’ll welcome it home.