time management

You Can’t Turn Back Time, But You Can Manage It

Time management is an elusive concept to master, but it’s a crucial step toward success. To efficiently manage your time is to understand it. With a little inventiveness, your time management strategy can be altered to fit your needs.

Gathered below are a few learned secrets to effectively make time management a daily part of your life.

  • Plan, plan, plan

This concept may seem obvious, but planning is all about how you plan. A good plan is a detailed one and every minute you plan is a minute you can save. Laying out a weekly plan gives you the opportunity to be pragmatic with your schedule. Your days are structured and you know exactly what you’re doing down to the last minute. If you don’t plan your day, it will plan you.

  • Let actions guide your time

Do what you need to do now, now. When you finish a task or reach a goal, let that sense of accomplishment sink it. Then let it fuel you. Try to tackle the most time-consuming or difficult task in the morning. Wrestle the big monster first, so the rest of your day is filled with power action items. These power action items are quick follow-ups, like returning a call or proofreading a document, that can be done in less time than you think.

  • Celebrate accomplishments

Throughout your week and even your day, it’s important to recognize what you’ve already accomplished. Acknowledging what you’ve done shows you can do it again.

  • Try to empower others

Even though it isn’t always easy to do, delegating is an effective way to get things done. If you want to grow, grow through other people. Allow them to shine and elevate themselves with the responsibilities you’ve given them. When you delegate tasks you are not 100% obligated to be a part of, you have more time to do more things that do require 100% of your attention.

  • Be present

Be present as much as you can. When you’re in a client meeting, focus on the client meeting. When you’re at home with your family, devote your time to them. Being present allows you to maximize your time and stay concentrated on the task at hand. It can help fuel your inspiration and gives you the energy to do the things you need to do.

  • Forgive

Part of managing your time is recognizing what needs to be done. While your sense of obligation may be calling you elsewhere, it’s important to remember what you sacrifice now will pay off later. Forgive yourself for the sacrifices you’ve made and will have to make, forgive yourself for doing what you need to do. As long as you visualize the end result, it will all be worth it.

If combined with motivation, time management can be an art that leads you to the success you envision. Time management is about making inspired decisions and taking inspired actions to reach the next level.