Virtual Reality – Possibilities Limited Only by Imagination

Monica Phillips

You’re on a roller coaster going up the side of your fireplace as you zip down through the handle of your favorite tea cup and under the coach…

A Syrian refugee girl takes you on a journey through her camp. You can feel the mud on your feet, smell the break baking, hear the kids playing, sense the concern on the faces of the parents…

Virtual reality is creating opportunities to connect us to communities and experiences that wouldn’t be possible without it.

Augmented reality allows us to modify our surroundings and improve our daily experiences. Imagine being able to see the curb through your car to make parking easier. What if you could instantly learn a new language? These experiences are changing the way we interact with the world. What’s possible is only limited by our imaginations.

Join me as I interview leading VR experts as they share the excitement of this quickly evolving industry.

Listen to the podcast here.

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