Use your status as an author

Let Your Words Forge Paths

Books have this amazing ability to enlighten lives and empower people. And writing one makes that power all the more rewarding.

As a seven-time author, I have seen firsthand the value in writing your own books. With my first, I intended it to be my lasting legacy – something my children could read and appreciate. And with my most recent, I wanted a compilation of personal trials and triumphs from the wonderful women around me – something that could elicit inspiration.

My status ­– and success – as an author has helped me forge relationships and seize opportunities through innovative means. Being an author has allowed me to share my expertise and in sharing it, I’ve been able to differentiate myself from the rest of the pack.

Being an author helps you to leverage success in several different ways.

  • Being an author helps showcase your expertise

Encapsulating your expertise in writing is something incredibly powerful. You already have the knowledge but to cement it into something tangible and sharable shows allows you to show the world your forward thinking and sound mind for generations to come.

  • Being an author invites speaking engagements

Besides the incremental revenue from both your book and the speaking engagements you’re invited to, being a public speaker allows you to share the very contents of your book. It is yet another way to leverage your expertise. Once you’ve flagged yourself as an expert in your passion, people will want to hear from you. They will want to hear your stories, your losses, and your wins. Speaking engagements allow you to share your stories and help other unlock your book’s hidden secrets.

  • Being an author attracts media exposure

Writing a book makes people notice you and that notice helps you add value to the world around you. The media always wants to hear from others and if you tread wisely, you can use those media placements to connect to readers and viewers. Though your book attracts media exposure, this part isn’t about you. It’s about letting your story resonate and inspire others.

  • Being an author is an opportunity to create a legacy

My daughter loves that I’m an author. She thinks I’m an amazing mom because of it. People can and will be inspired by what you write and what you write has the powerful ability to impact the things around you. Books and authorship don’t have a shelf life – they last forever.

  • Being an author is good for business

Simply put, people love books and I love sending them to people. My books have become my business cards. They’re the marketing brochures I leave behind. Being an author is an impressive feat and people really respond to that. I use my status as an author to make a statement: “I am your partner in this. I have an entire book dedicated to how I can help you. Let me add value to you and your company.”

  • Being an author lets you promote yourself in a different way

The marketplace is crowded. Everyone is selling the same thing and it’s difficult differentiate the experts from the novices. But having a book, a tangible channel of your skill, sets you apart. Writing a book can sometimes be tedious and time-consuming but having one also shows how dedicated you are to your craft. It shows how dedicated you are to people as well.

  • Being an author can bring value to others

The way I see it, a book is a connection. When you give it as a gift, you establish a connection. And when your book’s importance, you strengthen that connection. People will see the value in your work if you do.

From my experiences, a book’s personal value far outweighs its financial value. Being an author positions you as a leader in your field. It’s a way for you to create connections and forge paths. It’s proof that you know who you are and what you’re doing.

Writing a book has changed my life and it could change yours too.