author marketing tool kit

What is an author’s marketing tool kit?

Authorship is both a privilege and responsibility. The moment your book hits the shelves is the moment your place in the world changes. People will look at you differently because you are different. And your book is a physical documentation of that.

A book shows you have a unique way of thinking. You give a new, alternative perspective to the world. That kind of thinking will position you as someone people look up to. It will position you as a leader.

However, that status shouldn’t be taken lightly and in order to fully take advantage of the good that status has to offer, you need your own Author’s Toolkit – a deliberate but creative medley of personal branding materials.

Personal brand

The biggest part of having personal branding materials is having a personal brand. Your personal brand is the status you create for yourself and the way you portray it not only on paper but also in person. Your personal brand should be professionally designed – complete with logos, business cards, and a positioning statement – and professionally presented. You should be the very embodiment of your personal brand and personal beliefs.

Online presence

An online presence is imperative for a modern day author. A personal website, weekly blog, or prolific Twitter and Facebook accounts will help any author engage with his or her readers in a more personable way. Be active online. It helps readers connect with you and your story.

Speaker kit

A speaker kit includes a speaker reel (video), a type of introduction that briefly shows who you are as a person. This reel is used to introduce you, your accomplishments, and your goals. This tool should be ready to go. This is the tool that helps you readily connect with various markets.

Marketing materials

Marketing materials are quick promotional pieces you can hand out to different markets and people. These materials can be post cards, fliers, newsletters, and the like. Promotional items should be used throughout your tenure as an author – from the moment you start your book to the moment you decide to retire. Too often, authors make the mistake of promoting after their book is released.

“Author” is a powerful status in your resume and bio. It’s an active job description that requires an active approach. In order to elevate your personal brand and position yourself as a leader in the industry, your toolkit should be set up both professionally and creatively.  An author’s toolkit helps you take your message to the next level and if you have all of your pieces in place, it will help you achieve success.