Each and every project I take on begins as an inspiration. These inspirations are always much bigger than myself – they are bursts of energy that lend themselves to the world.

This is how a movement cultivates. A movement is when your passion aligns with the world and helps serve and inspire the community around you. Your inspiration should incite inspiration in others. It should create positive energy.

The first step is defining your passion and aligning it authentically with your vehicle for inspiration.

A movement should drift organically. Although you’re there to facilitate the process, a movement’s ebb and flow must be authentic. It finds its success in its ingenuity and truth.

When you decide to take your inspiration to the next level, make sure it’s something that has the ability to activate the community. When you define your passion, determine if it’s something that will create excitement and possibility.

The most important part of creating a movement is following your heart – if it feels real, it’s meant to be.

Pour yourself into your inspiration and you will reap its rewards. Your output should always be bigger than your input. Do something that is bigger than you, but do it in a sustainable way.

What you believe can make an impact. It can create a real synergy that can move mountains and perform miracles.

When you turn your attention to serving others instead of yourself, the people around you respond in surprising, profound ways. They form an emotional relationship because they’re involved. As humans, it’s in our nature to want to feel connected to something greater than ourselves. We search for that and it should be your goal to create it.

Tap into that desire and be a vehicle that helps serve and elevate others. Put energy into your passion to make incredible things happen.

My book Today’s Inspired Latina began with an inspiration. I had already known what my passion was and the inspiration came later: I wanted to use my knowledge and platform as an author to help other Latinas share their stories of personal trials and triumphs.

Once I had the idea, I knew I had to act on it. I felt the need to help elevate the people around me. I began contacting Latinas I knew with amazing stories and my original 10 women became 27.

When you create a movement, especially one that revolves around others, it becomes bigger than yourself. If your passions and inspirations are rooted in core values, people respond in astounding ways. Each person feels his or her own personal connection.

A movement’s organic growth lies in its emotion and involvement. A movement cannot be done without other human beings and actively connecting with the people around you is the first move in helping your cause reach the next stepping-stone.

The people around you decide if your cause succeeds or fails. The people around you decide whether to put meaning into your passions. In order to form that bond, take the time and effort to foster personal relationships. Nothing trumps a strong handshake and a thoughtful memory.

Let social media help guide your movement. The Internet can be your marketing tool. Sharing what you know lets others share what they see and, in turn, it will organically weave in and out different networks. It’s a vehicle you can backseat drive.

A movement’s strength lies in its effectiveness and in order for that effectiveness to take hold, your cause should be focus and clearly identified. Too many platforms produce too many avenues for movement and your end result is a labyrinth of confusion.

Today’s Inspired Latina became a force because it was visibly defined. People understood my cause: to connect Latinas and their passions through writing. It was simple yet powerful, and I never overloaded my audience with information.

The book inspired whispers, which then turned into murmurs and is now booming with Today’s Inspired Latina Volume 2. Volume 3 is something that is in the works, too.