She coached all levels from 4 year olds to high school varsity. Enjoy sharing the game and began playing when she was 4 year old with young girls.

Basketball has been a part of her life since she can remember. She always loved sharing her passion, experience, and expertise with other young girls, but in having two girls of her own, Avery (7 years old) and Riley (5 years old) it helps her to back in the game. When she first experienced the game that shaped her life so much, as a parent, she was disappointed to find that her daughter felt discouraged and frustrated that “basketball was a game for boys”.  She was shocked to find that there was nowhere for her to take her daughters to experience the game she grew up playing and was such a center of her life from being a water girl as a preschooler for her high school team, playing in and winning a high school state championship, earning my college degree through my sport, and meeting my husband on the hardwood itself!  This game is more than a ball and hoop to her, the life lesson she learned as a result have made her the person she is today. She hope to share her passion with young girls to show them the fun, confidence, work ethic, and personal challenge this game can bring.  Whether it’s fun and camaraderie or trying to take the game to the high school or college level She love working with girls on fulfilling their goals.

She Won 1996 Washington State High School dsc_0212Basketball Championship (top division) and earned a Full-ride Division I basketball scholarship- Gonzaga University (1996-2001).

Chelsea is married to Steve Herron, who played basketball at Adrian College, and has two daughters who are enjoying learning the game of basketball too- Avery and Riley.  She enjoys staying at home with her girls and for fun likes to do HIIT training and compete in triathlons.

1) You have a love affair with basketball. When did it begin for you?

Yes, I do have a love affair with basketball!  Way back when I was a preschooler I had the opportunity to help my mom as a Physical Therapist and be the “water girl” for my high school basketball team.  The experience of being around those boys and girls as role models for me was lighting that match of passion for me.  I absolutely idolized all of them and loved being a part of their teams each year.

2) What has being on the court taught you about life?

Through my journey on the court I have had many ups and downs between success on the floor, playing with teammates, and dealing with injury along the way!  I’ve learned how to persevere through most any situation thrown my way, the impact working as a team can have, and most importantly the effect that work ethic has on reaching your goals and dreams.

3) Why did you start Pinkalicious Basketball?

When I first experienced the game that shaped my life so much, as a parent, I was disappointed to find that my three year old daughter felt discouraged and frustrated that “basketball was a game for boys”.  She was the only girl in the program and I was sadly disappointed that she didn’t learn a thing!  Although I had coached for several years prior to kids I though I could take a back seat and be just a parent in my sport.  However, when I looked around for another opportunity to play with other girls and learn the game of basketball there wasn’t anything around.  I wanted my daughters and all other girls to have the opportunity that I did so I knew I had to create the program in our community for them!

4) Were you surprised at how many mothers wanted to enroll their daughters?

Yes, what started as a mini camp for 3-5 year olds with 15 girls has blown my mind!  Now we have had over 250 girls join us in our programs!  I think many moms wish they would have had an opportunity like this when they were younger!

5) Do you think sports helps young girls in developing their self esteem?

Definitely- developing your fitness and athleticism in sports allows girls to learn to be active, healthy, work as a team relating with peers, and to push their limits physically!