Equal Rights In a Trump Presidency (Featuring Maaria Mozaffar)

One week after Donald Trump was elected to serve as the 45th president of the United States, there is a lot of conversation around equal rights and what we can do to advocate for protecting those rights. Join me for this episode with Maaria Mozaffar, founder of The Skinless Project and Alia Bilal, Director of Community Relations at the Inner-City Muslim Action Network.

Maaria Mozaffar is a thought leader for a new generation.  In a world obsessed
with physical beauty, consumerism without conscience and quick fixes in health, love and life; she is a role model. Maaria is teaching the world; especially women, how to live in the moment, focus on what matters and bring authenticity into their lives. She is committed in the face of negative media stereotypes to build women up, change their relationships and connect communities globally. She is indeed empowering women to make the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Learn more at http://skinlessproject.com/about-the-skinless-project/

Alia J. Bilal serves as Director of Community Relations, where she is responsible for cultivating and maintaining individual donors in order to sustain and advance IMAN’s critical social justice work, and engaging other organizations and institutions around strategic programs and initiatives. In her almost seven years at IMAN, Alia has worked on development, community organizing, and policy, advocating on issues related to food, criminal, and juvenile justice, and strategizing around creative new ways to get healthy foods and safe physical activities into Chicago neighborhoods.

Learn more at http://www.imancentral.org/about/staff/