An Interview with Vitaly Golomb, Author of Accelerated Startup -The New Business School’

Join me for an episode about accelerating your startup with special guest Vitaly Golomb. He is the Global Startup Evangelist and Investor at HP Ventures. He is a serial VC-backed entrepreneur, award-winning designer, sought-after speaker, author, and a top-ranked mentor who travels to over 20 countries each year to inspire the next generation of tech leaders. Listen in for insights from his new book, “Accelerated Startup – The New Business School.” He shares insights on what it means to be an entrepreneur, how to get funded, how to measure growth, and more!

Vitaly is a Silicon Valley-based entrepreneur and investor. He is currently the CEO of Keen Systems (, a leading ecommerce platform for the world’s printing industry and creators of the local print marketplace. He’s raised over 3 million dollars of angel and venture capital investment for the company and built it from idea to success.

Vitaly is also the Founding General Partner at CCC Startups, a global entrepreneurship network focused on high quality events and investments. At CCC, Vitaly is the Executive Producer of the Startup AddVenture conference ( that brings world’s top startup experts to tomorrow’s high-potential startup hubs.

Vitaly is a consistently top-ranked mentor at some of the world’s leading accelerator programs, including: 500 Startups (US and worldwide), Happy Farm (Ukraine and CIS), Tech Peaks (Italy), ZIP (Croatia), Innovation Nest (Poland), and Etohum (Turkey).

He is a professional, bilingual keynote speaker and has also guest-lectured on design and the startup economy at Stanford, UC Berkeley, Cal State Hayward, and other universities in the US and abroad. He holds a B.A. in Computer and Video Imaging from Cogswell College.

Vitaly writes regularly on entrepreneurship on his personal blog ( As a result of his thought leadership on international entrepreneurship, he now writes an occasional guest column on TechCrunch, the world’s most read technology media source. For example: “The Government Once Built Silicon Valley” ( once-built-silicon-valley/) was the first article.