Casey Scieszka owner of Spruceton Inn’s inspiring story

Casey Scieszka

Originally featured in She Connects Youtube Channel

From Casablanca to Catskills, New York, Casey Scieszka, Head Innkeeper of Spruceton Inn shares her inspiring nomadic journey. A long time writer and graphic designer to now owner of a secluded and cozy Spruceton Inn located just over two hours away from New York City, this Brooklyn talent shares her unconventional, yet inspiring story of how she opened up a hotel.

Casey has lived around the world in places as far flung as Beijing, San Francisco to Fez and after spending time home in Brooklyn, she and her husband Steven Weinberg, an illustrator and kid’s book writer decided for a change leaving the NYC grind for the quiet sounds of the country.

Spruceton Inn is a place they envisioned they would want to go. Every detail large and small they had a hand in, from logo and website design to the interior and exterior design of the rooms. Casey reveals that there are many hats to wear in the process of setting up your own hotel. She Connects creative producer, Muna Ismail, had the pleasure of spending a few nights up in Catskills New York’s Spruceton Inn and interviewed Casey. We hope you like the video and that you feel inspired by her story and we wish you a fresh start to your entrepreneurial journey in 2018!

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