How a Teddy Bear Can Help You Reach Your Business Goals


Many of you have seen my posts in my journey to become a pilot, featuring a teddy bear. It’s true that a teddy bear can help you reach your personal, as well as your business goals! Meet the amazing “Amelia”, my teddy bear flying companion.

When I did my first solo, Amelia was there for emotional support. So I guess my first flight alone was really a solo+teddy bear. It made sense because Amelia had helped me prepare for that flight.

When I planned my first cross-country run, Amelia was there.

When I was preparing for my written test, Amelia was there.

Believe it or not, this teddy bear has become a symbol of perseverance, companionship and faith on this journey. To some, it might seem childish, but to others, it might be exactly what you need to refocus and find your purpose.

Here are some ways having a teddy bear can help you reach your business goals:

A teddy bear can help you focus on what is important.

What is most important to you right now? Is it to get your pilot’s license? To lose weight?To find the next partner for your new venture?To sell your business? I would encourage you to get a teddy bear and name it something that resonates with your current situation to keep you focused. For example, my teddy bear’s name is Amelia, named after Amelia Earhart, the first female pilot to cross the Atlantic Ocean. When I look at my bear, I try to channel the strength and courage of her namesake!

A teddy bear can get you back on track when you forget where you are going.

There were times in my journey as a pilot that I doubted myself and almost gave up. Amelia was a visual reminder that I had to stay on track.

The day of my written pilot test was especially hard. I was really nervous and had been up until 1am studying for it and taking dozens of practice exams. I loaded my pilot bag with Amelia, shed some fretful tears, then headed to the FAA-approved facility to take the test. As I was about to start, I remembered the symbolism of this little teddy bear, took a deep breath and dug in. Not only did I pass the test on my first try, but secured the highest score I had ever received on any of my practice tests. My flight instructors were proud. So was I!

The teddy bear stands for something greater than you.

What does the teddy bear mean to you? What are your core values? How can you connect them to the teddy bear to constantly remind you of the “why” of your actions.For me, the teddy bear is a constant, physical reminder of my core values and what is important to me. Amelia reminds me to align my actions with my true mission in life, and even my business goals.

A teddy bear allows you to see things in a different perspective.

Is your problem really that big? Put yourself in the shoes of your teddy bear…you will soon realize that you have everything you need to find the answers to your problems, simply by taking a step back and looking at the situation from a different angle.

Next time you feel you overwhelmed, ready to give up on your business goals, or you’re just feeling out of focus, remember that your teddy bear companion can be the symbolic support you might need. We all need a teddy bear!

Jacqueline Camacho-Ruiz is the CEO of JJR Marketing ( and Fig Factor Media LLC (, founder of The Fig Factor Foundation (, author of eight books ( and an international speaker and pilot. 

Jacqueline has addressed hundreds of audiences about marketing, servant leadership, finding your passion and achieving success in business. She has shared her knowledge and inspiration in presentations and keynotes to the United States Army, BP International, United Airlines, Allstate Insurance, Farmers Insurance, the Girl Scouts of America and other corporations and non-profit organizations.

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