Healthy Indian Food from Mira Manek | Hey all, it’s Muna from On The Glow, and this week, I have a special guest with me, London based chef and author, Mira Manek. What a fun interview it was, Mira brought some of her favorite dishes to try and shares her personal journey with food and heritage. In her cookbook, Saffron Soul, contains 90 super-healhty recipes all inspired by her mom’s and grandma’s traditional Indian cooking. Mira creates a wide selection of Indian food and drinks with a nourishing twist, incorporating all the key vibrant spices and super foods. All vegetarian based, nutritious, yet delicious, simplified and full of flavor!

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Mira Manek’s desire for healthy cooking combined with her love of traditional Indian cuisine led her to tweaking her mother’s and grandmother’s recipes to create lighter, healthier dishes and her first cookbook Saffron Soul is out April 2017. Having travelled extensively through India, Mira realised just how authentic her own home cooked Gujarati food was and came back to learn all those precious recipes. She champions eating well and eating wholesome home-cooked food that doesn’t compromise on flavour, using the spice box creatively and not just confining it to curries and daals. Mira collaborates with restaurants like Holborn Dining Rooms, where she has a place on the breakfast menu, and cafes like Raw Press and Detox Kitchen with her Coco Fudge and Chai Spice. She runs supperclubs, cookery classes and wellness events, promoting healthy Indian cooking.

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Muna Ismail is a Certified Health Coach, Makeup Artist, Creative Producer and On-Air personality.

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