The Efro & Co story with fashionista Dina Yassin

Dina Yassin
Repost from She Connects

She Connects with Dubai based fashion designer and celebrity stylist Dina Yassin to talk about her exciting new lifestyle brand Efro & Co. Efro & Co stands for East Africa and Company and was founded by married couple and business partners Dina Yassin and Silvano Aberrasc.

Retro-heritage fashion and lifestyle brand rooted in the past and looking toward the future, Efro & Co is about individuality. A brand that wants to create a community of artists, fabric makers and more ultimately giving them a platform to share their stories. From Africa, Asia to America – Efro & Co is a global brand strategically based in Dubai, UAE.

Muna Ismail, co-founder of She Connects spent time with Dina Yassin to film, document and edit the special docu-film only on She Creates.

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