For the Love of Yoga with Clem Balfour

She Connects with Clem Balfour, founder of the Yoga Brunch Club. She is on a mission to break down barriers and make yoga more accessible for everyone. We spent the day with Clem at 42 Acres in Shoreditch, London for a Sunday yoga and brunch session. She’s teamed up with the talented Cook & Baker and Seedlip.

It’s all for the love of yoga. Clem shares “I started yoga when I was 18. I was having a lot of joint problems. I ended up being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Which I’m now in remission from. Probably the practice that I do now is very different than what I started with. But I think that’s something I wanted to share with people, which I think often it’s why people end up teaching yoga. It comes from a place where it really healed you and we want to share that with someone else. That’s definitely been my journey.”

Designed to give you the opportunity to pause, breathe, stretch, eat and connect with a new group of people who share similar interests. Yoga Brunch Club’s events combine a fun, energising yoga session with a three-course, sit-down feast in beautiful surroundings.

The idea came from a desire to create a space where people would never feel intimidated to enter a class, even if you are a complete novice to yoga. Both the yoga and brunch elements are equally important to the success of the day. Collaborating with hand-picked chefs to create exclusive menus for each event, using the freshest seasonal ingredients to create nourishing, memorable meals. I spent much of my childhood living abroad, so each brunch club showcases a different cuisine of flavours and dishes from all over the world.

Coming from an events background I have practiced yoga for over a decade now. In my twenty’s I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (which is now thankfully in remission). Yoga has been such a crucial part of my recovery and has helped me to build up strength and flexibility in my joints. I first trained in vinyasa flow in South India before coming back to London to continue practicing and teaching. I’m now based in the lovely city of Bristol where I teach and run the business.

The Yoga Brunch Club is designed to carve out some space and time in your week for you. Make the time to take a deep breathe, stretch out and let go of the working week, socialise, become part of a bigger community and share ideas and thoughts over a delicious feast.Yoga Brunch Club founder, Clem Belfour,

Yoga Brunch Club runs events in beautiful venues around London and Bristol. Winding down and stretching out your weekend with yoga and a well earned 3 course brunch.

Thumbnail Photo Credit: Kasia Kiliszek

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