The SkinLess Project

The Skinless Project is founded on the notion that all women should embrace and cultivate their personal power so they may succeed in their personal and professional lives. The initiative believes that all women regardless of their age, race, skin color, religion or financial status deserve the opportunity to be respected for their ideas and personal strength in their communities.

The Skinless project believes that through collaborative and creative initiatives we can build a powerful community of support for every woman we know.  Women are the foundations for our future.  We envision a world where a woman is celebrated for her  talent, grace and intellect which in turn results in her being respected as a powerful leader in her world. These powerful attributes go beyond the traditionally valued attributes of external beauty. The Skinless project is created to honor the women we know, the women we were and the women we wish to be.

About Our Founder

Maaria Mozaffar

Maaria Mozaffar is a thought leader for a new generation.  In a world obsessed with physical beauty, consumerism without conscience and quick fixes in health, love and life; she is a role model. Maaria is teaching the world; especially women, how to live in the moment, focus on what matters and bring authenticity into their lives. She is committed in the face of negative media stereotypes to build women up, change their relationships and connect communities globally. She is indeed empowering women to make the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Maaria’s message about striving for a better life led with a mindful consciousness comes at a time when young girls and women are strongly being pulled the other way. They are being pulled towards self-hate, mistrust, and materialism, causing an inevitable domino effect in our societies. Women, Maaria believes are the foundations of our communities and therefore uplifting women results in uplifting our global world.

Maaria is an attorney, a mediator, a policy drafter, a social entrepreneur, a health advocate, a triathlete, a mother of three, a wife and yes she is passionate about all areas of her life.  She is madly in love with life and is the new global face of having it all.

Her vision is simple: We need to focus on what matters, do things that are important, and take responsibility for what we and our communities look like, think and feel.

Maaria speaks for a new generation of women who do want it all. But what makes Maaria unique is that she walks the walk and is speaking to her generation of women and men about things we have become too distracted to embrace. Simply, old school values – integrity, courage, spirituality, authenticity and gratitude. Her passion is electric, her hard work – undeniable.

Maaria boldly encourages her audience to broach “uncomfortable“ topics to tackle lift our societal norms to a higher place. She speaks about racism, lack of authenticity, grief, embracing failure, and our own role as a society when it comes to bullying, hate and disrespect for women.

“In these times there is nothing more important than a positive, healed and inspired community. We are all connected. ”

This message is something Maaria has lived herself and is committed to speak about issues of personal development and our societal failings from an authentic voice without compromise

Maaria, is the founder and sole operator of The Skinless Project. The Skinless Project, is a revolutionary, out of the box company dedicated to women.

Its focus is to help women reach their highest potential personally and professionally by tackling negative media and consumer driven stereotypes, providing global resources and advocating the undeniable truth – We are More Than Skin Deep.

Armed with the vision to create a society that values high self-worth, in just two two years after its creation, Maaria is shaping the company towards quickly becoming an online hub for the empowered global woman and consumer. The company is attracting the attention of women around the world and big name companies for collaboration. Maaria is not a celebrity, but day by day, woman by woman, audiences leave hearing her vision and honesty addictively empowering.

She is turning an ordinary idea into an extraordinary ideal.

“There are so many companies and products campaigning negativity and low self esteem and succeeding, I wanted to throw in an initiative that is uplifting, honest and bold into the market.”

Maaria’s personal life has had its own set of challenges which she sees as gifts. She wants to use the wisdom she has gained through facing these challenges to help as many people as she can. From professional and personal road blocks, Maaria believes more than ever that facing your obstacles with courage coupled with a spiritual compass will indeed yield a life of purpose. Every woman, human being deserves this gift.

Maaria has shaped her vision into finite goals that are all manifestations of her philosophy and inspiration:

  • Her law practice focused on policy and mediation, to create solutions for communities and helping people rebuild their lives.
  • Her company, The Skinless Project (“We are more than skin deep:)- a company dedicated to improving the lives of women as women are the core of all societies
  • Her commitment to her family of 3 young children and husband
  • Her commitment to be a lifelong triathlete – to show others that one can take the ordinary and turn into the extraordinary

Worked with

  • Chicago Women Take Action
  • Womens March Chicago
  • ISpeak Media
  • Indivisible Illinois
  • Cair Chicago
  • Inner City Muslim Action Network

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