Tiara International LLC

Tiara International LLC is a global women’s leadership development company that sees a world where all women lead their lives from inspiration. Because of this vision, they have created The Tiara Model for True Leadership (SM), which guides women in growing as leaders from the inside out, beginning with their unique source of inspiration. At Tiara they believe all women are leaders because we are each fundamentally the only ones responsible for leading our lives. When we lead our lives powerfully, we naturally grow as leaders in our work, our families and our communities.
Tiara is collaborating with The Skinless Project in highlighting the entrepreneurial women in both of their communities. From an internal fire, these women have taken the risk and the opportunity to create businesses and organizations that reflect their passions and talents. We know you will leave this page feeling connected, inspired and motivated in your own life and work.

Meet Tiara International’s Content Developer Project Champion:

Kate Webster, Breaking Thru Barriers

kate webster

Dr Kate, a TED presenter, is an impassioned speaker who wears her heart on her sleeve and helps audience members and organizations transform. She has a proven track record of making difficult topics accessible blended with real-life examples to provide concrete takeaways. Diverse audience members have used these tools and strategies right away to feel more empowered and create lasting change in all areas of their lives. As an author, speaker and trainer, Kate is partnering with Tiara in co-creating our Applied Leadership series.

Why choose Tiara International?

I chose Tiara and they chose me. Tiara International is unique in their approach to women’s leadership because their coaching, trainings, and presentations are not proscriptive with a list of do’s and don’ts. Instead, they encourage women to look within, find their source of inspiration, and from that inspired place, be the best leaders they can. This inside out philosophy connects well with the work that I do through my company Breaking Thru Barriers and is what I call Quiet Power—a deep belief in yourself to connect mind and body and break free of limiting beliefs that hold you back.

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