At Blissby, we aim to provide natural and organic skin care solutions for baby and mommy that are free of harsh chemicals and additives. We have a baby shampoo and wash, organic coconut oil for baby and mommy, and a mommy moisturizer with pure argan oil.

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About Blissby Founder

BlissbyMariah Ray –  CEO & Founder

1) You are a mommy on a mission. Tell us about why you started Blissby?

When you have a baby, you begin to take a huge interest in everything you use for baby care, from diapers, to formula, to skin care products. I found myself reading ingredient lists and being troubled by how little I understood them. I also had the difficult realization that some of the most popular, trusted names in baby care were using ingredients in their products that I would never want to use on my child. I started Blissby because I truly believed that conscientious parents deserve better choices.

2) Why is it important for you to introduce organic, natural products for childcare?

There are so many chemicals in everything we encounter that people consider them this unavoidable reality of today. I feel very strongly that when it comes to your baby, you cannot compromise on skin care.

3) What is makes your products unique?

Our products (available in spring 2014) are all natural, mostly organic, and cruelty free. They are free of harsh chemicals as well as parabens, which have been getting a lot of attention lately as a possible carcinogen. Where we do use chemicals (as preservatives, for example, because otherwise our products would not be shelf-stable) they are plant-derived and completely safe for use on babies’ sensitive skin. We also carry skin care products for Mommy with all of the same parameters, because we believe Mommies deserve to have pure skin care products too.

4) A lot of great companies have a passionate vision, tell us about your vision for Blissby.

My vision is that Blissby will be a household name in pure, quality skin care products for baby and Mommy.

5) A lot of great companies also have passionate founders, tell us about your background in business.

In 2011, I graduated from Harvard Business School. Admittedly, I did not prioritize entrepreneurship education while at Harvard, as my career path was oriented toward a general management and nonprofit track. However, I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to utilize my management education, and one piece of advice for graduate students is to keep your options open during your studies for a potential career switch down the road.

6) Why did you decide to start your own company, instead of joining another?

I conducted an analysis on the current baby skin care market and felt I could do better than the current brands. Plus, I wanted to launch Mommy products and no one else was doing that.

7) You are a mother, wife and now businesswoman, how do you balance it all?

I used to put this tremendous pressure on myself to cook perfect meals and maintain a perfect house while managing my very demanding career in politics. Since becoming a mother, I have learned to ease the pressure on myself and utilize outside help wherever I can. It’s way more rewarding to have an afternoon to spend with your baby than to spend that time cleaning your house. I also have an incredibly supportive husband who supports both my career and personal ambitions, and we have worked very hard to establish a parenting routine and schedule that works for us.

8) What advice would you give to new mothers who are trying to make the right decisions about baby products?

Read labels! There are a lot of ingredients that sound safe that can actually be harmful. Trust your instincts and use independent resources like the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database to research ingredients on the products you currently use.

9) Lastly,  what is your favorite product at Blissby?

For baby, I love the shampoo and body wash. And for me, I love the moisturizer – it has pure argan oil and smells great!