own your labels

Hello!  We know what you are thinking. Why did a company that runs a Global online platform empowering women decide to make t-shirts?  Simple. We believe the consumer market targeting women is filled to the seams with messages that tell women they are not smart enough, skinny enough, polite enough, pretty enough or simply – enough. And we are just plain sick of it.

The negative messages are a lie. Women are more than enough and everyone knows it. They are the most powerful global consumers in the world. They run everything from households, communities, organizations, companies, not to mention the main source of mentorship for coming generations of humans – we have been doing that simple thing for centuries.

Try giving birth, try being patient with a toddler, try making all decisions of home, health, fitness and goals for your family. Try being the constant source of positive reinforcement while fighting all the negative talk that the media and product advertisement feeds you and still manage to live a kickass life.

Try it. If you are not a woman – just try it. And when you fail and need the loving arms of your mother (woman) or the wisdom of your grandma (woman). You will realize how all the words you were ever taught to describe women, were lies. They are words to help erase the fact that women are amazing beyond understanding, powerful without hesitation and pragmatic enough to make the world go round.

We don’t want anyone to buy the lies anymore. Words are powerful, wear them and #ownyourlabels.

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